Make memories in Cape Coral by taking lots of photos!

Whenever you travel abroad or out of town, it is customary to take a lot of photos and videos to relive your memories. This also applies when you visit Cape Coral, Florida because you will have a guaranteed amazing experience. 

With that said, The One Stop gives you a photo challenge that you can do whenever you are in the city. This challenge includes a list of photo opportunities in different locations. Without further ado, here are the following photos you should have at the end of your trip:

  1. A beach pic in Cape Coral

Is your beach body ready? If so, then make sure to flaunt your amazing body by strutting on the beaches of Cape Coral! Wear your best swimsuit and make sure to dip in the water to cool down from the heat.

For the photo op, here are some options you can choose to do:

  • Mermaid hair – Go inside the water and make a pose where your hair is flying in the air! 
  • Sun’s out, buns out – Flaunt your newest bikini by laying on the ground as you get a sun tan.
  1. The most delicious pasta you ate in Cape Coral

In Cape Coral, there are a handful of Italian restaurants you can choose from. Each one of them offers different pasta flavours and tastes. If you are a pasta lover, you need to decide which dish won your heart during your stay in the city. To commemorate this moment, make sure to take a photo of the pasta plate!

  1. Record yourself at the Sun Splash Family Waterpark

For this, it is more of a video opportunity rather than a photo. This is because it would be more fun to watch yourself sliding down the large and jaw-dropping slides of the Sun Splash Family Waterpark. Make sure to use a waterproof video camera so that it will not get damaged as you enter the water. Additionally, remember to keep your valuables close to you, so you will not lose them easily!

  1. Smile with your fish!

You should never pass up on the opportunity to show off your catch when you fish in Cape Coral, Florida! Fishing takes a lot of grit and patience, so it would be best to preserve a great memory by taking a photo of your newly caught fish. Before doing so, make sure that the fish is bound first to prevent it from moving while you hold it. 

  1. Hang loose or hang ten

If you decide to surf in Cape Coral, then you should always ask your friend or instructor to take a cool surfing photo of you! You can either get an action photo while you ride the waves or a chill image where you pose with your surfboard. Either way, it would look great on your Instagram feed!

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