Checklist of what you need in fishing on a boat

Fishing on a boat is one of the most relaxing recreational activities you can do at 1 Stop Cape Coral. You can get the boats at the local Marina’s Boat Ramps and Boat Charters. There are also shops in the area where you can buy more bait for your fishing trip. You just need to bring the following items with you to have a complete fishing experience at Cape Coral:

Fishing equipment 

Fishing equipment includes the pole and reel as the basics. If you don’t have some, then you can rent them at the nearby store. What you should keep in mind are the parts of the fishing equipment that would need replacements like the hooks and lures. 

You should also get a set of fishing line for when it snaps or you have to cut it because the hook can get stuck in anything or snagged by another fisherman’s line. 1 Stop Cape Coral allows bringing your own tools like a needle nose pliers for managing your line and a cutter for emergencies. 


You can bring your own cooler on the boat. This can be used for different reasons. Ideally, it’s for keeping refreshments chilled while you’re offshore. Fishing is a long activity and you will need water, beer, or soft drinks from time to time. A cooler is a great container for this and you can bring any kind on the boat. 

A cooler can be used for keeping fish, too. Ideally, you should bring a separate cooler for that or you can just use the same one that carries your drinks if you don’t mind. Most fishermen just put it on the boat tied by a line but a cooler will keep what you caught fresh and clean. 


Fishing on a boat is a bit risky at high noon because you will be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. You can put on sunscreen before rowing to shore but having one in your pocket is safer because you may need to retouch every so often. Everyone can go for a swim, too, but doing so can wash off the lotion from your skin. If you take a deep, then be sure to reapply your sunblock.

First aid kit

Fishing is not a dangerous activity at all, especially in the safe waters of 1 Stop Cape Coral. However, accidents can happen like getting your finger snagged on a hook or a fish tugging you over board. Having a first aid kit can give you options to respond to such situations. Being prepared is ideal no matter how unlikely a bad event may happen. This is especially true given that you will be off shore, away from immediate care of medical experts. 

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